sehun gonna say exo in songs for the rest of his life

D-2 to Luhan’s Birthday: Reasons why Luhan is the Perfect Bias (for me)
how he loves his fans:  luhan clearly appreciates and cares a lot for his fans. for the most part, he has a mild temper/demeanour, and the only time he was witnessed getting upset and raising his voice was when he was telling the security guards not to push a fan. even when he stumbles because he’s pushed by them, he still smiles and says “it’s fine”. he sneakily takes a gift from a fan even when the manager doesn’t want him to. he tells the security guards not to push fans even when he himself is being pushed by them. his smiles towards his fans are always genuine. he may not be the best at fanservice, he may still get shy and not know how to respond to affection even after two years (which i find really really cute and endearing, it’s like he still isn’t used to getting so much love from his fans ;v;), he may not be the best at expressing his feelings or writing long letters of love and gratitude, but he loves them in his own genuine and precious way, which is why i’m happy and proud to call myself a luhan fan (now if only he could come up with a name for his fans like the rest of chinaline has…. =.=) ♥


i really don’t understand how people make fun of kpop have you seen these fuckers dance

40/50 photos of Lee Taemin

shinee’s korean mvs (inspired by this and this)

onew getting a bit too emotional after his solo T___T


all my OTPs sittin’ in a tree


128-133/ pictures of lee jinki’s perfection  

SHINee World


Proof that Onew was sent from Heaven to steal your heart #3

~ Hello Performance in Mexico 14.04.04